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Question :
What caused the Concorde to crash?
Answer :
On Tuesday, July 25, 2000, the very first fatal accident involving Concorde occurred. The airplane had just taken off on a Paris to New York flight. It crashed 60 seconds after take off. The cause of the crash involved a series of events. As the Concorde was taking off, one of the tires ran over a strip of metal (which had dropped off another airplane that took off a few minutes earlier). The tire exploded and caused a hole in one of the fuel tanks. A spark from the electrical system ignited a fire, which eventually caused loss of two engines and the airplane was lost.

Sadly, all 109 people (100 passengers and 9 crew) on board were killed and four people in a local hotel on the ground were also killed.

For more detailed analysis of the crash, you can visit

Steve Buss
EAA Young Eagles

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